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Ready to catch the train of the most pressing discussions in 2023?
Catch’23 is an executive experience EXCLUSIVE & FREE to Nova SBE Alumni – a 100% online certified program designed by Nova SBE Executive Education and the Alumni Club to help you navigate the tight paths of today’s unavoidable topics, wherever you are in the world.

Know the program

The program will be offered in quarterly modules (1-year online course), with preparation resources and live sessions, for each subject. In these modules we add Academia to the current topics that are being debated in all companies, enriched by the reflexion and discussion among participants.
Learn about Mindfulness & Problem Solving
with Constança Casquinho
Learn about Strategy & Negotiation
with Luís Almeida e Costa
Learn about Consumer Behaviour in Complex Environments
with Catherine da Silveira
Learn about Data, AI and Web 3.0
with Leid Zejnilovic

Key Takeaways


• Understand the unavoidable challenges and trends that affect organizations in all Sectors
• Align concepts promoting a more fruitful dialogue between the organization’s stakeholders and their respective ecosystems
• Reflect on possible paths for your organization and its current awareness level to these pressing matters that we face today
• Reconnect with fellow alumni and meet new people opening doors to a world of professional and personal opportunities

Who can enroll?

This is a executive experience Exclusive to Nova SBE Alumni (Nova SBE graduates from BSc, MSc, PhD, MBA, Post-graduations and Executive Masters)
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